A Message from Patty

This site has been a long time in coming and I apologize that it has taken so long, but some times it’s more important to be sure information is accurate, rather than plentiful.

For those of you who have followed this issue and perhaps expected more of me than I appear to have delivered, I want you to know that I have faithfully been working behind the scenes on a variety of state and federal actions, sometimes successfully, other times not.

In the year immediately after the State of Washington chose to “regulate”, i.e., legalize the use of hazardous waste in fertilizer under the Commercial Fertilizer Act of 1998 — choosing to protect the agri-business industry rather than farmers and my community — I felt compelled to educate myself on the law, the history of the practice and its health ramifications so that I could speak decidedly and defensibly on the topic and in the language of the law, that both industry and EPA speak fluently.

The events surrounding my re-election loss and the personal attacks from the community left me “shell-shocked” and the dejection I felt was painful beyond words. My goal over the past ten years has been to see that justice is done and that this practice – which has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER — been proven safe is brought to an end. Your support and encouragement over the years as you contacted me after reading “Fear in the Fields: How Hazardous Waste Becomes Fertilizer” and then Fateful Harvest sustained me in what were some very trying times, and if you were never personally told thank you, please know that from the bottom of my heart I appreciated every kind word, every good wish, every ounce of support you offered.

You — and our children — are the reason I have stayed the course.

Working with you in mind,